What You Need To Know Before Deciding To Workout At Home

There are many good reasons to workout at home.

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If you are considering working out at home, you want to be sure that you do not compromise your bodybuilding goals just for the sake of the convenience of getting to workout at home.

In order to perform your workouts at home without sacrificing results, it is crucial that you have the right bodybuilding equipment. Your home gym setup will need to allow you the ability to perform every bodybuilding exercise necessary for full body development.

On another page, I provide all of the information you will need to know about home gym equipment, but first I would like to help you to make the decision on whether or not you should workout at home.

When contemplating working out from home, it is important to weigh all of the possible consequences of your decision before ultimately choosing whether or not you should workout at home.

Reasons To Workout At Home

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There are many great reasons to workout at home. I personally prefer working out at home because of the many conveniences that come along with performing your workouts from home.

You Can Workout Whenever is Convenient With Your Schedule

While several gyms today offer 24 hour access to their facilities, many people do not have a gym that is in a convenient location for them that offers 24 hour access.

If you do not have a fitness facility near you that offers 24 hour access, it can hinder your ability to remain consistent in performing your workouts.

Having the flexibility to workout at home at your own convenience will allow you to be flexible with the times you can perform your workouts and will also be able to accommodate any changes that may be made to your everyday schedule.

If you cannot find a gym in a convenient location that offers 24 hour access, I recommend considering purchasing a home gym to ensure that you will have the ability to perform your workouts at a time that is most convenient for you.

You Don't Have to Worry About Finding A Reliable Daycare Service

If you have children, it can be hard to find time to workout without giving up some time with your children or money to pay for child care.

Some gyms offer child care at their facilities, but the times that child care is offered is usually limited to a few hours everyday. If you are unable to workout during these times, or have a desire to stay close to your family, a home gym is the way to go.

Working out at home will allow you to stay at home with your kids and can provide you with a way to help influence them to take an interest in physical fitness as well.

If they consistently see you devoting time to your physical well being while performing your workouts at home, they will naturally become interested in fitness because of your positive influence.

Perform Your Workouts Faster

If you workout at a gym or fitness center, it is inevitable that you will have to wait to use certain machines or weight lifting equipment.

Few things are as frustrating as having to stop during the middle of a workout to wait for a machine to open up to perform your next exercise.

And then there are always the people who take up several different machines at once by laying a towel over one machine while they use another. These people force you to waste valuable time because they were obviously never taught how to share properly.

A great way to avoid these annoyances and speed up your workouts is to workout at home.

Avoid the Sharing of Germs

Whenever you have hundreds of sweaty people using the same workout equipment, you can be sure that every person leaves behind their germs and bacteria when they are finished with the equipment.

By using community gym equipment, you open yourself up to several hazardous possibilities. You could develop a staph infection, contract a virus, and even spread sicknesses to your friends and family.

By using your own home gym to perform your workouts you can help to greatly reduce the potential spread of germs that comes along with using shared exercise equipment.

You Can Dress More Comfortably

When you workout, it is important that you dress in clothes that are both comfortable and allow free and easy movements. If you workout at a gym, you will also have to take into consideration how your clothes look on you since there will be other people around.

Some people have a care-free attitude when it comes to their appearance, but for most of us, we want our appearance to be acceptable or even impressive when we are surrounded by those who do not know us.

Looking “acceptable” in a gym setting requires wearing clean and well fitting clothing, having well groomed hair, and maybe even applying some cologne/perfume or deodorant.

You can see that this requires extra time and effort just to prepare to leave for the gym.

If you workout at home, you never have to worry about other people judging your appearance and don’t have to spend the extra time making sure your clothes, hair, and fragrance are just right.

Escape the Commute To and From The Gym

Unless you are one of the lucky people who has a fitness center within walking distance of your home, you will have to spend time and gas money to get to and from your workout sessions.

It is a reasonable assumption that your fitness center will be anywhere from 5 to 15 miles from your home. If your gym is 10 miles from your home, you will have to drive about 30 minutes and use about one gallon of gas every time you workout.

For someone that exercises 5 days a week, this will add up to about 130 hours of drive time and 260 gallons of gas every year to drive to and from your workouts. That means that you will spend over 5 days every year driving to the gym and back home along with spending $650 in gas (assuming $2.50 per gallon gas price).

Life is short and our time is valuable. Working out at home is a great way to save time, and money, while not compromising your personal fitness goals.

Home Workouts Are Not For Everyone

While I have listed many good reasons to consider working out at home, there are also equally good reasons to perform your workouts at a gym or fitness center.

The decision to workout at home is a matter of personal preference and there isn’t one answer that is perfect for everyone. I have listed some common reasons why people choose to workout at their local gym instead of from the comfort of their own homes.

Home Gym Equipment Can Be Expensive

In order to be able to perform every bodybuilding exercise necessary to effectively build your entire body, you will have to purchase a quality home gym setup or several different pieces of equipment and machines.

This can obviously be an expensive investment. If you are purchasing new equipment, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars for a quality home gym setup.

By purchasing pre-owned equipment, you can cut down on these costs considerably and I recommend that you give serious consideration to buying pre-owned equipment whenever possible.

It will take you several years of not paying a monthly gym membership fee to break even on your home gym purchase, but keep in mind, your home gym setup will allow you to workout from the convenience of your own home and also save you the commute to and from the gym.

The Many Distractions at Home

It is extremely convenient to workout at home, but there are also many distractions that can get in the way of your workouts at home.

There are always things that can be done around the house and it can be a task to put them aside for an hour and focus on your workouts.

If you have children, they can also cause you to become distracted from your workouts. It is imperative that your children do not require your attention during your workouts.

If your kids are not old enough to care for themselves, you will need to schedule your workouts when someone will be around who can watch over them while you workout.

After considering the many distractions around your home, you need to evaluate if these things will be too distracting for you to consistently perform your workouts.

If you are the type of person who is easily distracted and will not be able to focus on your workouts at home, a gym membership may be a better option for you.

Space For Your Equipment

Working out at home will require a dedicated space for your various pieces of workout equipment. Depending on your home gym setup, you may need anywhere from a portion of a room to an entire basement.

Not everyone will have the space available to facilitate the equipment they will need for their workouts.

Before deciding to workout from home, you will need to ensure that you have enough space in your home to fit all of the equipment you will need to get an effective full body workout.


Working out at home can be a very convenient and comfortable way to reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals. Whether or not you should workout at home is strictly a matter of personal preference.

By considering the several factors explained above, you will be well on your way to deciding on whether or not you should workout with a home gym or join your local fitness center.

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