Best Tricep Exercises For Quick Muscle Gains

There are only 2 tricep exercises that are necessary to develop every area and angle of the tricep muscles.

tricep exercises

Tricep Lift #1: Overhead Triceps Press

Targeted Muscles: Triceps

Auxiliary Muscles: Shoulders


The overhead triceps press exercise targets the outer and middle area of the tricep muscle.

To perform the overhead triceps press, you will sit on a bench that is inclined to as close to fully upright as possible. Start by holding a barbell over your head and then lower the weight behind your neck. You will then raise the weight back to its starting overhead position.

While performing this exercise, you should maintain only slight movement in your elbows with the primary movement taking place in your wrists and forearms. You are basically bending your hands and forearms at the elbow so that the barbell nearly touches the back of your neck and then pressing the bar back upwards to its starting position.

You may also perform this exercise using one dumbbell braced between both hands if using a barbell is uncomfortable for you.

Once you become stronger and are requiring more weight for this lift, you may find that your wrists start to hurt when performing this exercise.

If you get to this point, I recommend substituting a close grip bench press for this exercise. The close grip bench press will be performed the same as a bench press except that the distance between your thumbs should be about 10″.

Tricep Lift #2: Triceps Push Downs

Targeted Muscles: Triceps

Auxiliary Muscles: Upper Chest


The triceps push down exercise targets the inner and middle portion of the tricep muscle.

To perform this exercise, you will need to hook the triangular triceps push-down attachment (or lat pull down bar) to a high pulley. With both elbows near your side, you will push down until just before your arms lock out and return the bar to its starting position. A slight forward lean is fine, but take care not to lean forward too much as this will transfer the emphasis from your triceps to your chest and shoulders.

Do not use the rope attachment for this exercise as you will not be able to use as much resistance with this attachment which leads to less intensity and less overall triceps development.

Final Note

The triceps muscle is stimulated during several other lifts like the bench press and overhead shoulder press. By performing these two tricep exercises you will ensure that your triceps are targeted and stimulated from all angles resulting in fully developed triceps.

The tricep muscle makes up approximately 30% of the muscle in your upper arm. So if you want to increase the size of your arms, the triceps must not be neglected.

Implementing these tricep exercises in conjunction with the best muscle confusion techniques will ensure that your triceps continually get larger and are fully developed.

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