The Superset Workout

Superset workouts give you the ability to complete your workouts more quickly, exhaust multiple muscle groups at once, and prevent your body from adapting to your workouts.

These workouts are simple to perform as you simply perform two exercises that work different muscle groups at the same time with little rest between each set.

For instance, if you are working out your legs and biceps, you will pick one exercise for each muscle group and alternate performing sets on each exercise.

If you are performing squats for your leg exercise and preacher curls for your biceps exercise, you will start by performing a set of squats. After completing your first set of squats, you will immediately perform your first preacher curl set, taking only enough time to move from one exercise station to the other.

After you have completed your first preacher curl set, you will return to the squat exercise for your second set. This process will continue until all sets of each exercise have been completed.

Once you have completed all sets of each of the first exercises for each muscle group, you will then move on to the second exercise of each muscle group and continue the process until all exercises have been performed and you have completed your weight workout for the day.

While performing supersets can be mentally and physically exhausting, using them correctly will help you to get an intense workout that confuses your muscles and ensures consistent gains.

Superset workouts are a great way to create muscle confusion, but they should be used sparingly because they are extremely taxing on your body and mind.

My recommendation is to only perform this workout technique for no more than 2 of your workouts in a given week.

This will keep you physically refreshed and mentally prepared for your workouts which will ensure that you are working out with consistency and intensity each week.

Keep in mind that this bodybuilding method is just one piece of the puzzle and that you will need to implement my other muscle confusion techniques as well if you want to achieve significant muscle gains.

Be sure to checkout my list of exercises and sample workout routines to help you get started on an effective bodybuilding workout program.

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