Shoulder Exercises For Rapid Size Increase And Full Development

Shoulder exercises are an important piece of every bodybuilder’s workout program.

shoulder exercises

Well formed shoulders broaden your overall appearance and will actually be a great help in building your strength for several different lifts as the shoulders are a complimentary muscle used in most arm exercises.

In order to be fully formed, the shoulder muscle must be worked in a way that the front and sides are stimulated. There is not any one shoulder exercise that successfully exhausts all areas of the shoulder muscle.

Consequently, you will need to combine two shoulder exercises to ensure that you are effectively forming all areas and angles of your shoulder muscles.

The two exercises that I implement in my personal weight training program are great for stimulating all areas of the shoulder and are the only exercises that you will need in order to fully develop your your shoulder muscles.

Shoulder Lift #1: Shoulder Press

Targeted Muscles: Shoulders

Auxiliary Muscles: Triceps, Traps


Sit on an inclined bench with the back as close to directly upright as possible. Using an overhand grip, you will lower the bar in front of your head until it reaches the bottom of your chin.

You will then press the weight above your head while keeping your body as upright as possible. You should continue to raise the bar until your arms nearly lock out and then repeat the movement as necessary.

Shoulder Lift #2: Side Lateral Raises

Shoulder Lift Exercises

Targeted Muscles: Shoulders

Auxiliary Muscles: Traps


Sit on an inclined bench with the incline as close to directly upright as possible or stand with your feet shoulder width apart. With your palms facing each other, take a dumbbell in each hand with your arms hanging and fully extended towards the ground. While slightly bending your elbows, you will raise the dumbbells simultaneously upwards from your sides and bringing them over your head until they touch each other.

Midway through the movement you will rotate your wrists so that your palms face forward when your arms are completely overhead and the dumbbells are touching. Lower the dumbbells back to their starting position and repeat the movement as necessary.

By rotating your wrists during the lifting movement, you will be working the side of the shoulders as well as the front which will help to more fully develop all angles of sides and front muscles in the shoulders.

Final Note

These two exercises will give you rapid muscle gains when used in conjunction with an effective muscle building diet and muscle confusion techniques.

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