Eating For Fat Loss – What You Need To Know

Eating for fat loss requires providing your body with the right amounts of nutrients necessary to prevent the addition of new body fat while encouraging the burning off of existing fat storage.

An effective fat loss diet combined with a fat loss exercise plan is the best way to naturally, safely and quickly shed unwanted body fat.

This page will give you instructions on following a fat loss diet plan that will enable you to shed measurable amounts of body fat every week.

The Supplement Deception

Most Americans would admit that they would love to lose weight and lower their body fat percentage, but the majority of these people know very little when it comes to eating for fat loss. The billions of dollars we spend every year on weight loss equipment and fat burning supplements can attest to this fact.

As I stated above, the best formula for losing unwanted body fat is combining the right fat loss diet and exercise plan.

People mistakenly believe that purchasing the latest ab machine or magic fat loss pill will finally enable them to reach their personal fat loss goals. While some of these supplements may slightly aid in burning fat, they are an extremely minor factor when compared to the effective combination of effective exercise and eating for fat loss.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention the potential unsafe side effects of using fat loss supplements. Most fat loss supplements have only been tested for a matter of months before they are given the approval to be placed on the market.

While the short term side effects may appear to be minimal, someone who is concerned about their long term health should stay away from these supplements and the potential health risks they inherently possess. As I previously alluded to, these supplements will only be a minimal factor in your ability to lose weight and shed unwanted body fat and are not worth the risk they pose to your long term health.

Unfortunately, our American culture has molded us to demand instant gratification and when we don’t achieve the results we desire within a matter of weeks, we give up and either blame our genetics or think that we simply are not using the right supplements.

Importance of Diet

Another reason that people fail to reach their fat loss goals is that they simply do not understand how important nutrition and diet are to their ability to burn fat. They work extremely hard in the gym and try to “watch what they eat” and are unsatisfied with the results they achieve for all of their hard work and sweat.

While exercise is certainly a crucial factor in the fat loss equation, eating for fat loss is of much greater importance. By eating for fat loss like I describe on my fat loss diet plan page, you can actually lose weight and burn fat without exercise.

No matter how much you exercise, if you continue to gorge yourself on food, you will never lose weight or shed unwanted body fat. As a dedicated body builder, I certainly understand the importance of exercise when it comes to personal fitness; I am simply making the point that nutrition is more important than any physical activity when it comes to losing weight.

I do not recommend neglecting exercise as exercise will be an integral factor in your overall personal fitness and will greatly accelerate your ability to burn fat.

The Fat Loss Diet

Now that I have explained the importance of diet and nutrition in burning fat, it is time to dig in and explain the specifics of following a fat loss diet plan. I will not go into the details on the different types of carbohydrates and proteins, or how they effect your body and its ability to burn fat, as these issues are covered within my nutrition page on this website.

You will certainly want to reference this page for more in-depth information on carbohydrates and proteins.

In order to control your body’s blood sugar levels, and most effectively encourage fat loss, while receiving enough protein to sustain the ability to build new muscle, you should consume approximately 60% carbohydrates and 40% muscle building proteins for every meal except for your last meal of the day.

How Much Should You Eat

I give examples of how to ensure that your meals adhere to these percentages on my fat loss diet plan page, but first I want to explain how much you should start eating per day and how to manipulate your diet to ensure that you continually lose measurable amounts of body fat every week until you reach your fat loss goals.

Since every person’s metabolism is different, there isn’t just one perfect amount for everyone to eat that will ensure that they lose weight and shed body fat. Consequently, I will provide you with a good nutritional starting point on my fat loss diet plan page that you will use and modify it as needed.

My body fat measurements page provides instructions on measuring your fat loss and explains when to adjust your diet and by how much.

The amounts you should consume for each meal will vary and will be dependent upon whether or not you are following an exercise plan that utilizes intense weight training. I will provide nutritional guidelines in the form of recommended amounts of carbohydrates and proteins to be consumed for each meal based on whether or not you will be taking part in weight training.

Final Note

Eating for fat loss requires a determination to reach your fat loss goals and a basic understanding of nutrition in order to ensure that you are not depriving your body of the nutrition it needs to function.

This can only be achieved through monitoring what you are eating to make sure you are quickly burning off unwanted body fat and controlling your blood sugar to make sure you are not putting on any more fat in the process.

Do not be turned off by having to monitor what you eat when eating for fat loss. It will be a change that takes some getting used to, but will become a habit before long, and I provide many tips, useful advice and instructions on this site that will make following your fat loss nutrition plan as easy as possible.

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