Using Drop Sets To Achieve Consistent Muscle Gains

Drop sets are another muscle confusion method that can be used to fully exhaust your muscles and prevent diminishing results.

This is one of several muscle confusion techniques that will guarantee that your muscles are stressed to their limits and give you the greatest muscle gains possible.

While performing this technique can be physically and mentally exhausting, the results delivered are well worth the added effort.

Keep in mind that this, along with every other muscle confusion principle explained on this site, is only part of the equation for bodybuilding success.

In order to maximize your results, you will need to follow a bodybuilding nutrition plan that is right for your specific goals and adhere to a convenient and effective workout schedule.

How to Perform Drop Sets

Drop sets should be performed after the last set of a bodybuilding exercise to allow you to push out a few extra reps and totally fatigue the muscle group being worked.

After you have performed your last set of a given exercise to muscle failure, you immediately remove enough weight to allow you to perform 2-4 more reps of the exercise at the lower weight until you reach full muscular failure again.

After you have completed this first additional set of 2-4 reps to failure, immediately remove more weight and perform a second set of 2-4 reps until you reach muscle failure again.

You should continue this cycle until you have completed 2-3 additional sets which is sufficient to fully exhaust the muscle group being worked on a given exercise.

Keep in mind that the goal is to take only enough time to remove weight from the exercise and then proceed immediately to performing your drop set.

If you rest for too long in between sets, you will not be able to achieve the maximum muscle stress required for optimum muscle gains.

Use Carefully

While this muscle confusion method is great at placing extreme stress on your muscles, it can also be mentally and physically taxing.

After performing a few workouts using this procedure, you will likely start to lose the desire to exercise and feel as though you need a break.

This is your body’s response to the extreme amount of stress being placed on it and is perfectly natural.

To avoid this over-stressed feeling, I recommend utilizing this technique for a maximum of two workouts per week.

This will allow your body enough time to recover from the extreme muscular stress delivered to your muscles and keep you mentally prepared for your workouts.

More About Muscle Building

This technique is just one of several effective muscle confusion principles which can be used to enhance your muscle building progress.

It is important that you are following an effective workout routine that implements every exercise necessary for full body development while maintaining a desirable body fat level.

I have also provided sample workout schedules and all of the information you will need to control your body fat levels.

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