Chest Exercises Tto Sculpt Your Entire Chest

Chest exercises are probably the most commonly performed exercises when it comes to weight lifting.

This is because the chest is considered by most lifters to be the most impressive set of muscles in the body. I am personally more impressed by a defined midsection, but I understand that I represent the minority.

As long as you are utilizing grip changes and muscle failure techniques, there are only 3 chest exercises required to effectively exhaust all areas and angles of your chest:

Chest Exercises

Chest Lift #1: Flat Bench Press

Targeted Muscles: Middle and Lower Chest

Auxiliary Muscles:Triceps and Shoulders


To perform a flat bench press, you will lie flat on an exercise bench. You should take a deep breath and expand your rib cage to maintain a puffed out chest while performing this entire movement.

Your chest should be arched upwards as much as possible while your back remains flat on the bench. This will ensure that your movement focuses on your chest muscles and will help to increase the direct stimulation of the chest muscles which you are intending to target.

It will take a little practice to maintain your arched chest throughout the entire movement, but after a little practice, you will be bench pressing with this form without even thinking about it.

You will continue to lower the weight to your chest (nipple level is ideal) and raise the bar so that your arms nearly lock out and repeat until you reach your target number of reps.

Make sure to breathe while performing this exercise but make sure that you maintain the arched chest position while bringing the bar to your chest and pushing it away from your chest.

Chest Lift #2: Inclined Bench Press

Targeted Muscles: Middle and Upper Chest

Auxiliary Muscles: Triceps and Shoulders


Using an exercise bench inclined at a 45 degree angle, you will perform the inclined bench press just as described for the flat bench press above except you will lower the weight to your upper chest (about 2 inches below the neck is ideal).

Be sure to take a deep breath to expand your rib cage, and hold this expanded position while breathing, to most effectively perform this exercise.

Chest Lift #3: Pec Deck

Targeted Muscles: Middle and Lower Chest

Auxiliary Muscles: Shoulders


The pec deck exercise will require you to sit upright with your back flat against the back rest of a pec deck machine. You will grab both handles and bring them inward towards each other until they meet.

While performing this exercise, it is important that you maintain the focus on your chest and that you only rely on your wrists and forearms for stabilizing the movement as much as possible.

When your hands meet in front of your chest, you should feel your chest muscles tightened and will hold this position for a split second before slowly releasing the weight back to its starting position.

A Final Note

These 3 lifts are sufficient to fully exhaust your entire chest and are the only chest exercises necessary for full chest development.

There are certainly many other chest exercises that I have used over the years that could be considered, but the average bodybuilder doesn’t have several hours per day to devote to weight training (I know I sure don’t).

It is for this reason that I have narrowed the chest exercises down to the most effective 3 lifts that will stimulate every muscle in the chest from every angle.

These are the only 3 chest exercises that I implement as part of my personal weight training routine and they are enough to provide fast muscle gains in both novice and advanced bodybuilders when combined with my muscle confusion techniques.

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