Calf Exercises For Larger And Stronger Calf Muscles

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Calf exercises are used to strengthen and sculpt the muscles that are located below the knee all the way to the ankle.

It is relatively easy to stimulate all of the muscles of the calf. All that is required are exercises that will give you a full range of motion from your toes being as far up as they can go to bringing the heels up as far as they can go.

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All calf exercises are very similar in nature as there is really only one motion that is effective at building the calf muscles. I have chosen the two exercises that I have found to be the most effective at increasing the size of the calves.

Calf Lift #1: Standing Calf Raises

Targeted Muscles: Calves

Auxiliary Muscles: N/A


To perform standing calf raises, position yourself under a barbell just as you would when performing squats. Raise the weight by rising onto your toes, focusing on using your calf muscles, and return your feet to the flat on the floor position.

If you have either one available, you should stand on the edge of a platform or set of small blocks which will allow you to stretch the calves for a greater range of motion from top to bottom and ensure full calf development.

For added comfort, I highly recommend using a pad placed across your upper back to help support the weight of the bar comfortably on your shoulders.

Calf Lift #2: Calf Extensions

Targeted Muscles: Calves

Auxiliary Muscles: N/A


To perform calf extensions, you will use a leg press machine and position your feet about shoulder width apart at the bottom of the pressing board with the balls of your feet supporting the load. Your heels should be hanging off the edge of the pressing board at all times.

Raise the weight by pressing the board upwards with your toes by flexing your ankles until your calves are contracted and extended as far as they can go and then release the weight as far back as you can comfortably go and repeat the movement as necessary.

By having your heels hanging off the edge of the bottom of the pressing board, you will be using a full range of motion and effectively exhaust the entire calf muscle.

As a side note, you will want to use the handles on the sides of the leg press machine for added stability and comfort while performing this exercise.

Final Note

I recommend choosing one of these two calf exercises to perform during your leg workouts for a 6-8 weeks, and if you are unsatisfied with the development of your calf muscles during that time, begin implementing the second lift as well.

Most people will find that performing one of these lifts will be sufficient for fast calf muscle gains. However, the calf muscles can be a difficult muscle group to build in certain individuals. If you are one of these people, you will need to use both of these calf lifts in order to provide your calf muscles with some extra stress and stimulation to encourage them to grow more quickly.

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