Body Fat Measurements And Diet Manipulation For Consistent Fat Loss Results

By taking body fat measurements you will be able to determine whether your current nutrition level is sufficient for fat loss.

body fat measurements

I will explain how to use two very simple body fat measurements to determine whether you are losing body fat and also how to manipulate your fat loss nutrition plan to make sure you are consistently losing body fat every week until you reach your fat loss goals.

If you have followed the recommended nutrition guidelines on my fat loss diet plan page for a week, you should be able to measure a decrease in your body weight or waist size measurement (indicating a loss in body fat for the week).

If your body weight or waist measurement has not decreased after a week, you will need to decrease your fat loss nutrition level by 20% and then follow this decreased nutrition level until you again do not measure a decrease in your waist size or body weight after a week of following this revised fat loss diet plan; at which point, you will decrease all values by 20% again.

To decrease the amounts by 20%, you will simply multiply all values by 0.8 which will yield the following values:

Starting Fat Loss Diet Amounts

Starting Fat Loss Diet Amounts

Modified Diet Plan Decreased by 20%:

Everybody has a different metabolism and not everyone will lose body fat at the same daily caloric intake. It is for this reason that you must take body fat measurements every week to determine if your fat loss diet needs to be modified.

If you stray from your fat loss diet plan for more than a 2 or 3 meals for the week, you should ignore taking your body fat measurements as your “cheat” meals will have likely negated your results for that week. You can still take your measurements if you would like, but you should not decrease your nutrition level unless you have been mostly faithful to your nutrition plan for the week.

If you unnecessarily decrease your nutrition level, it will cause you to be hungry throughout the week which will actually make it harder for you to faithfully follow your fat loss diet plan and will greatly decrease the likelihood of reaching your fat loss goals.

It is important to keep in mind that a fat loss diet is only one part of an effective fat loss program. In order to maximize your results and greatly increase your ability to burn off body fat, you will need to follow an effective fat loss workout program as well.

I have provided all of the information needed to start a fat loss nutrition plan on my fat loss diet plan page, including what amounts of certain nutrients to eat for the best fat loss results and how to make sure you are eating the right amounts of nutrients for each meal throughout the day.

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