Bicep Exercises For More Developed And Larger Biceps

bicep exercises

There are only two bicep exercises that you need to implement as part of your weight training program in order to fully develop the biceps.

By performing one lift that targets the top of the bicep, and another that targets the inner and outer bicep, you can increase the height and width of your bicep with these two bicep exercises alone.

Bicep Lift #1: Preacher Curls

preacher curl lift

Targeted Muscles: Biceps

Auxiliary Muscles: Forearms


The preacher curl lift targets the top of the bicep that forms a “ball” when flexed and will increase the height of your biceps.

Sit or stand behind a preacher curl bench and, using a curl bar (a barbell with curves that allow for a more comfortable grip) or a regular barbell, curl the weight up as far as possible and lower it until your arms are nearly fully extended. You should feel your biceps tighten as you curl the weight upward.

Fully extending the arms can cause tendon aggravation which can result in tendinitis. Therefore, make sure to maintain a slight bend in your elbow when lowering the weight by not fully extending your arms at the bottom of the lifting motion.

Bicep Lift #2: Standing Barbell Curls

weight lifting

Targeted Muscles: Biceps

Auxiliary Muscles: Forearms


The standing barbell curl targets the inner and outer bicep and will increase the width or thickness of your biceps.

Stand holding a straight barbell or curl bar with a palms-up grip. While keeping your elbows against your side, curl the bar up as far as possible and lower the weight back to its starting position until your arms are near fully extended.

While performing the standing barbell curl movement, avoid swinging your body as this will take the emphasis off of your biceps. Also, try to avoid leaning far back while raising the weight as this could lead to a lower back injury. A little lean is okay – but make sure that it is just a slight lean and not extreme enough to injure your lower back. Just as with the preacher curls, do not straighten your arms completely when lowering the weight to avoid tendon aggravation.

standing barbell exercises

Final Note

If you do not have access to a preacher curl bench, you can substitute dumbbell concentration curls in place of the preacher curl exercise.

You may also substitute standing dumbbell curls for the standing barbell curls if you do not have a barbell available.

While these two bicep exercises are sufficient for full bicep development, in order to maximize your ability to increase the size of your biceps, you will need to utilize some effective muscle confusion techniques and follow a muscle building diet that will provide your body with enough of the right nutrition to ensure consistent gains in muscle mass.

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