Bodybuilding Exercises to Fully Develop Every Muscle in Your Body

The bodybuilding exercises you choose to perform as part of your workout program will determine which muscles will be stimulated and ultimately grow.

In order to fully develop every muscle group in your body, it is imperative that you include all of the lifts and muscle confusion techniques necessary to exhaust every angle of every muscle group in your body.

Instead of focusing on performing a vast number of lifts to stimulate each muscle group, I recommend choosing the most effective exercises for each muscle group and implementing muscle confusion techniques to ensure that you are properly stimulating every angle of every muscle group for full body development while confusing your muscles in a way that prevents growth plateaus.

You will also want to make sure that your bodybuilding workout schedule includes all of the exercises necessary to stimulate every muscle group of your body one to two times each week.

During my years of research and experimentation I was able to identify the exercises which were most efficient at building each muscle group from all angles. These are the only exercises that I implement in my own weight training program and are all that will be necessary to develop your overall physique.

bodybuilding exercises

I have also found these to be the most effective at building new muscle. So using these lifts will actually produce faster results and maximize your muscle gains.

I have constructed a full list of bodybuilding exercises which are divided by the specific muscle group that they target.

In order to perform all of my recommended exercises, you will need to have access to a facility that offers all of the necessary bodybuilding equipment or have a quality home gym setup that will allow you to perform all exercises as described below.

I have dedicated a page to each muscle group of the body and provide you with all of the bodybuilding exercises you will need to perform as part of your workout routine in order to fully develop each muscle group.

As mentioned above, these specific exercises will only be fully effective at developing the stimulated muscle group when the proper muscle confusion techniques are applied.

Included on each page are descriptions of the exercises that target the specific muscle group as well as instructions on how to properly perform each exercise listed.

Simply click on the muscle group below and the page for the selected muscle group will open in a new window:

Chest Exercises

Ab Exercises

Bicep Exercises

Tricep Exercises

Shoulder Exercises

Forearm Exercises

Upper Back Exercises

Middle Back Exercises

Lower Back Exercises

Quad Exercises

Hamstring Exercises

Calve Exercises

Other Exercises?

There are a wide range of exercises that can be performed as part of your workout routine.

However, these are the bodybuilding exercises that I have identified as being the most effective at building their respective muscle groups.

bodybuilding other exercises

These are the only lifts that I implement in my personal bodybuilding routine and they are sufficient for full body development.

If you have any questions about these or any other bodybuilding exercises, you may contact me and I will answer your question as quickly as possible.

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